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Well-Rounded Support And Tested Capabilities To Support Institutions

We understand that each of our institutional clients face their own set of challenges. However, each seeks a trusted partner to help them manage their fiduciary duties and meet their goals, in alignment with the mission of the organization they serve.

Our team works proactively to anticipate and address those needs, and provide the appropriate counsel from a full spectrum of investment consulting services. Our disciplined investment consulting team guides institutions through each phase of the investment process – from strategy review, development and implementation, to oversight and documentation. Using a prudent management approach, our team seeks to enhance your organization and its mission, providing reliable support where it’s needed most.

Who We Serve

We support a diverse range of clients managing wealth at the institutional level, including endowments, universities, corporations, nonprofits, family offices, money managers, governments and municipalities, among others. With this range of clients comes an even greater range of needs, and our team offers the agility, experience and breadth of resources necessary to address them all.

Our Approach

Our team provides customized financial guidance, designing and implementing strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of your institution. We offer critical support at each point in the investment process, and help clients to clarify their objectives and projected milestones for the near and distant future. When selecting investments, we utilize our network and resources to conduct thorough research to identify the opportunities that complement your institution’s profile and align with your target goals and tolerance level.

Our support is ongoing, and we are disciplined in the monitoring and oversight of our clients’ investment plans. We not only ensure your plan adheres to fiduciary standards and regulations, but also that it continually serves your institution’s needs and goals over time.

Our Services

We provide the vast range of services and resources required to best serve the needs of our clients. They include:

  • Investment Policy Statement Assistance
  • Investment strategy review and development
  • Investment search and selection assistance
  • Asset allocation guidance
  • Plan monitoring and performance reporting
  • Fiduciary process guidance and education